tire & axle info

This page is intended to offer more-detailed specification information. It is not all-inclusive, so contact your rep if you don't find what you need.

Tire & Axle sizes
by model (table)

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lionshead Tires (Goodyear Endurance)

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Dexter Axles

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TIRE & AXLE SPEC's per model

Hyper lyte travel trailers

ModelAxle Weights (lbs)Tire SizeTire Load RangePly
19RBHL3,500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
22RBHL3,500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
22RKHL3.500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
23BHHL3,500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
24RDHL3,500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
25RBHL3,500 X 2205/75R15D RATED8
26BHHL4,400 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
27RKHL4,400 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
29XBHL4,400 X 2225/75R15E RATED10

Full Size Travel Trailers

ModelAxle Weights (lbs)Tire SizeTire Load RangePly
270FKS4,400 X 2225/75R15D RATED10
271RL4,400 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
273RL4,400 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
308RL5,200 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
310BHI5,200 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
314BUD5,200 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
322VIEW5,100 X 2225/75R15E RATED10

Full Size Fifth Wheels

ModelAxle Weights (lbs)Tire SizeTire Load RangePly
286RL5,100 X 2225/75R15E RATED10
320VIEW6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10
325RL6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10
353BED7,000 X 2235/85R16E RATED10
356QB6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10
369BL6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10
375FAM7,000 X 2255/80R16E RATED10
378FL6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10

Elite Series Fifth Wheels

ModelAxle Weights (lbs)Tire SizeTire Load RangePly
35RE6,000 X 2235/80R16E RATED10
36FL7,000 X 2235/85R16E RATED10

Lionshead Tire Information

Lionshead Specialty Tire & Wheel provides a five (5) year warranty against manufactures defects on all of our radial ST (Specialty Trailer) tire brands. See Lionshead Product Warranty policy for details.If the consumer has any issue with their tire in the first twelve (12) months that is not covered by this warranty, Lionshead guarantees the replacement of that tire at no charge under our No Excuses Guarantee program.Benefits of the No Excuses Guarantee include replacement tire provided at no charge and shipped to the retail consumer at no cost. Lionshead will also provide a flat labor rate to assist in the cost of mounting the new tire.

Dexter Axle Information

From 2,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs., Dexter leaf spring axles are the benchmark of the trailer industry. Each capacity is tested to meet the specific needs of each application... and then some.While straight spindles are considered standard for products rated above 9,000 lbs., Dexter offers both straight and 4” drop spindles for the D20. Suspension is accomplished through the use of both double eye and slipper spring Leaf Spring configurations, and can be mounted in either underslung and overslung configurations. In many cases Dexter has multiple tube and spindle solutions to safely handle the overhang customers desire. Leaf Spring axles are offered with several lubrication options, depending on the capacity, including E-Z Lube and standard grease.Dexter is committed to providing its customers with the most durable, highest level quality and performance leaf spring axle on the market.The buttons below will take you to the supplier's information pages for the various axle capacities, including a flier on the EZ Lube Bearing Lubrication System and the Limited Warranty.